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PSARA Licence


Govt of India has enacted Private Security Regulation Act 2005 popularly known as PSARA to regulate functioning of Private Security Agencies (PSAs). All PSAs have to obtain PSARA license from Controlling Authorities (CAs) of respective states to enter into the business of providing private security. Generally, Controlling Authority (CA) is either Director General of Police or Home Department of the State/union territory of India.

How to obtain / get PSARA License for starting Security company / Agency by the
Applicant Agency(AA)

  • Make a business model to set up a company or business entity. Private security provider can be any registered business entity viz. sole proprietorship/ firm / Pvt Ltd company / Ltd company or NGO or any other form of entity eligible to run business in India.
  • Proceed to obtain PSARA license in the desirous state as per specific guideline / rules laid down by the respective state under PSARA 2005.
  • PSARA License can be taken district- wise or for the entire state.

The application Fee is:

Fee for 1 District INR 5,000/-
Fee for 2 to 5 Districts INR 10,000/-
Fee for the entire state INR 25,000/-

How to make PSARA Application by Applicant Agency (AA)…

Select the state / District of operations for PSA.
 Establish Principle Place of Business at commercial place (proof of ownership of office space / Rent agreement)
 Register your business entity at that place
 Go through Central PSARA Act 2005 and PSARA Act guidelines of the selected state
 Make application for taking license or Form 5 of the selected state
 Mandatory registration required for filing PSARA applications

 PAN for the Business entity
 GST Registration certificate
 ESIC Registration
 EPF Registration
 Registration under contractual Labor Act
 Registration under Shop Cum Establishment Act
 Udyog Adhar Memorandum (UAM)
 MSME Registration (Optional)
 Essential supporting document with application
 Affidavit under FDI policy as per 7(2) of PSARA ACT 2005
 Special qualification certificate of security training to run and operate security
company. Training certificate can only be taken from recognized training center
of the respective state / SSSDC / NSDC / DGR
 Discharge certificate from defense forces or police organization
 Company Logo
 Uniform pattern
 MOU for Training
 Arrangement for training of Guard by PSAs i.e. in-house or through recognized
training center of the state through-MOU training
 MOU for Annual Medical Examination
 Arrangement for Annual Medical checkup of security guards-MOU for medical
with selected hospital
 Employee details of AA as per format for PSARA Act
 Sample ID card for employee
 Details of arms License of already held by AA or provide affidavit in lieu
 Character verification certificate of guards as per PSARA Act for no criminal
 Possession of training certificate of each security guard or supervisor as per
PSARA Act clearly specifying training details obtained from recognized training

Note :

 All documents except affidavit as per 7(2) of PSARA under FDI policy to be
attested by notary public.
 Affidavit as per 7(2) to be attested by Class-I executive Magistrate