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Explosive Detection

Eagle 4 Security Solutions has earned the distinguish recognition in the security industry today which offers highly trained, explosive detection dog services for the wide range of clients. An evident section of the corporate uses Eagle 4 Security Solutions explosive detection dog services to ensure added safety of their employees, infrastructure and other assets available in their respective business locations. The demand for explosive detection services has grown exponentially in the past decade, and at Eagle 4 Security Solutions we are also managing to move ahead at the similar pace with the most efficient manpower, dogs and technological advancements.

Our dogs are trained in the similar environments with real explosives which they may find later to work in. It is done so to ensure that our detection dogs will perform their duties perfectly when deployed in crowds, around heavy machinery, in confined spaces, on sea-going vessels, and anywhere else our clients need them.

Explosive detection dog teams are the most effective and cost efficient means available in the present era for the detection of explosives. We have deployed our dog teams for our clients in air cargo, buildings, warehouses, vehicles, luggage, aircraft, airports, packages, cruise ships and many other places.