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Cyber Crime

Tracing abusive emails
Eagle 4ss Detectives and Investigation enable the successful tracing of malicious mails spreading disgust messages, viruses, spyware or malware. As these emails can result in a failure of the entire IT network, so it becomes essential for individuals and corporate to find the origin of these files and take steps to counter them at the root.
abusive email
ip address
Tracing suspicious IP addresses
Eagle 4ss Detectives and Investigation help in identifying the IP addresses of computers and other devices used to create confusions on the network and after that we liaison with the customer and the legal agencies to trace the suspects.
Ethical hacking
It permits Eagle 4ss Detectives and Investigation on behalf of the organizations to identify the security issues related to their systems and help them to setup guidelines and processes to stop these problems.
ethical hacking
email tracking
Email tracking
On behalf of our clients Eagle 4ss Detectives and Investigation follow the delivery path of emails for various purposes such as to locate the source of malicious software sent in them, finding the originating party of mails that send the company’s confidential official data to outside parties, etc.
Website tracking
Eagle 4ss Detectives and Investigation help in checking and monitor issues in portals that contain viruses or have been created to dishonor users including the clients.
website tracking