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1.Managing Talent:

Recruitment and selection: Recruitment is synonymous with hiring .It is the complete process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates within an organistation. Selection is the process of choosing suitable candidate from the applicants to fill the vacancy.

Job Analysis and Profiling:  is the process that ultimately leads to a combo  of job descriptions, role profiles and job family models.
The process of job analysis is a critical function as job descriptions and roles and responsibilities form the baseline information that drive:

·  Recruitment & Selection

·         Performance Management

·         Reward

·         Recognition

·         Career Progression

·         Organisation Design

·         Restructuring

·         Training Needs

·         Self-Development

Performance management :

It is  the process in which  manager and employees work together to review employees work  and overall contribution to the oraganisation.
Traning and Development:
The purpose of training and management development programs is to improve employee capabilities and organizational capabilities. When the organization invests in improving the knowledge and skills of its employees, the investment is returned in the form of more productive and effective employees. Training and development programs may be focused on individual performance or team performance.


Polices and Procedures:

Policies should be clear, simple statements of how  organisation intends to conduct its services, actions or business. Polices  provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making.
Policies  need not to be long or complicated – a few  sentences may be all you need  for each policy area.
Procedures describe how each policy will be put into action in your organisation. Each procedure should outline:

  • Who will do what
  • What steps they need to take
  • Which forms or documents to use.

Staff handbook:
Experts say that small and mid-sized businesses can design employee manuals that both protect them from litigation and put staff members at ease by spelling out in positive terms the company’s policies.


HR Strategy:
Organizational Design

Organization Design is a formal, process for integrating the people, information and technology of an organization. It is used to match the form of the organization as closely as possible to the purpose(s) the organization seeks to achieve. Through the design process, organizations act to improve the probability that the collective efforts of members will be successful

Hr Outsourcing:

HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. We are external suppliers and provide HR functions for business.